SOLIDSILK™ Seaweed Conditioner

Infused with seaweed extract, rice protein, cocoa butter, vitamin B5 and macadamia oil, this conditioner bar is gentle and moisturizing for your locks. It's lightweight enough to be used every time you wash.  Suitable for many hair types, from straight and fine, to thick, wavy, frizzy, as well as color treated hair. Our premium ingredients help your hair feel soft and manageable. These bars are highly concentrated. The length of time each bar lasts depends on proper storage, how often you condition, how heavily you use it, hair length, curls and thickness, etc. Most people find they last about twice as long as the shampoo. This product is unpackaged and is in a bulk box for shipping. We recommend to transfer the product to a glass container for display and storage to keep the smell fresh and the product free from dust.

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